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The Collection

The Smorgasbord

The Smorgasbord

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The Smorgasbord

Producer: Caroline Keith

This is a collection of my work at Onboard Media. My role often meant I wrote, produced, pitched, directed, project managed, and much more. The collection features work samples from content highlighting retail, brands, cruise lines, and countries. Clients include Carnival Cruiseline, Royal Caribbean, Raymond Weil, Le Vian, and Caesar's Palace .

Marion Williams
a biography

Producer & Director: Caroline Keith

Executive Producer: Lauren Jayne Williams

You are most likely to hear a Williams before you actually see them, though they are hard to miss. Some are towering in stature, or tall & lanky, others just soft with a glow. They fill a space like ants on a pinic. But it's the sounds- the shrieks, the deep bellows, the raspy whispers, the slaps on the back, and kisses on the check- this is what it means to be a Williams. This family's story extends wide like an oak tree and of course, like every story, it begins at the roots. A simple story really of one man who grew up in the green hills of Cumberland gap who just fell in love. Meet Marion Floyd Williams.

The Grovehaus:
a love story

Producer & Co-director: Caroline Keith

Director: Edgar Lenis

In the story of the Grovehaus, we find a “dying” home that will be eventually demolished. Coconut Grove, previously an artist, hippie haven, is changing its identity to luxury neighborhood. The house itself is nothing to be saved- mold everywhere, leaks, and a caved in roof- but what takes place inside- the uncaptured and the metaphysical- is what makes the Grovehaus a rare find. We meet the inhabitants of the Grovehaus, all trying to coexist with one another. 

Through the course of the Grovehaus, we cover subjects of grief, heartbreak, the idea of success, wisdom, healing, and most importantly, friendship. 

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